My name is Victor, and I am the founder of Rec Sports Team. I have played on both competitive and recreational sports teams for many years and one of the problems I often come across is teams looking for players to fill in as subs. It is sometimes a mad scramble of furiously texting everyone you know, posting on various Facebook groups, or trying to recruit the friend of a friend…of a friend. At the end of the day, you may have wasted a lot of time and still might end up with someone who is not ideal for the position required, or even worse, playing with an incomplete team. On the other side, you may be a player who wants to join a team, but do not know any teams that are recruiting. You end up spending a lot of time sifting through classified sites, joining a bunch of Facebook groups, and finally getting bombarded with notifications that are not relevant to you or your schedule.

Rec Sports Team was created with the goal of making player recruitment easier so that players can find teams to join, and teams can always find the right person for the position that needs to be filled.

I believe sports should be fun. So, through this platform, I hope to encourage more players to connect & play!

The beta version of Rec Sports Team was launched in September 2016. There are plans to expand the platform to support more sports and more communities in the future.