Hockey Faceoff Tips

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Are you ready to take a hockey faceoff? Here are two videos with tips on improving your chances of winning the faceoff.

How to Win More Faceoffs

  1. Make sure your teammates are in position.
  2. Get your hands set on your hockey stick before you approach the circle.
  3. Get as close to the faceoff dot as possible while keeping a good balance over top of the circle.
  4. Watch the linesman’s hands to anticipate the puck drop.
  5. Get your stick down to take the puck.

The video below was created by Hockey Pro Training.

The next video below also provides more specific faceoff tips for winning the puck on the backhand, forehand, as well as, other faceoff tricks and techniques. The video below was created by How To Hockey.

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