Softball Hitting Tips

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

Here are two videos on softball hitting. Learn tips to become a better batter by learning and executing the fundamentals. Learn the proper batting hand grip, swing, follow-through, stance, hip rotation, and torque used to hit a softball effectively and with power. The videos were produced by Jeff Hall Softball.

Key Points

  • Grip: Align knuckles
  • Swing: Drive hands through the zone
  • Follow-through: Let the bat go to release tension on your body
  • Stance: Get up on the plate and trust your hands
  • Hip Rotation: Push hip forward through the zone
  • Torque: Exert enough force that your back foot drags forward

Softball Hitting Tips – Grip, Swing & Follow-through

Softball Hitting Tips – Stance, Hip Rotation & Torque

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