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Hockey Tips & Tutorials to Improve Your Game

Here are some hockey references to help you improve your overall skills as a hockey player. Watch the videos to learn the techniques and body mechanics used to execute each skill, including skating, shooting, goal tending, and offensive attacking. Watch, learn, and practice, but most importantly, have fun playing!...


Hockey Goalie Angles & Positioning – Tips & Drills

Do you play goalie for your ice hockey team? Want to improve your game? One of the most important skills for a hockey goalie is to learn the proper angles and positioning. Being in position will increase your likelihood of stopping the puck and making the save. The following are......


Hockey Goalie Tips – Learn the Butterfly

Do you play goalie on your ice hockey league team? Want to improve your goal tending skills? Here are 3 informative videos on how to execute the goaltender butterfly technique. Learn the 5 rules of the butterfly, how to perform the butterfly slide and how to do the butterfly crawl. The videos......