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Unstoppable Basketball Finishing Moves

Here are two videos by Get Handles Basketball, showing how to perform some unstoppable basketball finishing moves. Learn 5 advanced layups and 4 ways to score on taller defenders. Practice with repetition before trying to incorporate them in your game. Basketball Finishing Moves – Advanced Layups Key moves: Pump Fake......


Common Basketball Free Throw Mistakes & How to Fix

Do you struggle on the basketball free throw line? Here are two videos of Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard showing common shooting mistakes from the free throw line. Watch and learn to improve your basketball shooting form. The videos were produced by ShotMechanics. Blake Griffin Basketball Free Throw – Tips Dwight......


How to Beat a Soccer Goalkeeper 1 vs 1

Here is a video on how to beat a soccer goalkeeper in a 1 vs 1 situation. Learn what to do during the approach and the shot. Also learn some advanced tips to increase your rate of scoring a goal. The videos were produced by freekickerz. How to Beat the......