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Hockey Tips & Tutorials to Improve Your Game

Here are some hockey references to help you improve your overall skills as a hockey player. Watch the videos to learn the techniques and body mechanics used to execute each skill, including skating, shooting, goal tending, and offensive attacking. Watch, learn, and practice, but most importantly, have fun playing!...


Hockey Skating – How to Stop & How to Turn

Here are a couple of videos on how to stop and how to turn when skating in ice hockey. Learn tips, the proper techniques, and advanced methods for hockey stopping. Also learn how to maintain balance and control while making a turn. The videos were produced by How to Hockey.......


Learn Hockey Skating Fundamentals

Here is a series of videos showing hockey skating fundamentals, including what is a proper hockey stance, why you need to stay low when skating, and understanding your edges. Learn to skate with speed, power, and balance by learning the fundamentals of skating. The videos were produced by How to......