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How to Master the Basketball Fadeaway Jump Shot

Ready to add another basketball shot to your arsenal? The fadeaway jump shot can be a challenge to master, but it can be an effective move to help you score. The following video breaks down how to execute the fadeaway jumper. The video was created by ShotMechanics. Basketball Fadeaway Jumper......


Basketball Defense – How to Block Shots

Here is a quick video of instructions on learning the basics of blocking a basketball shot. Learning the proper shot blocking form will help you lower the chances of committing a foul and help you increase the chances of gaining ball possession after the shot block. The video was created......


Learn to Pass a Volleyball – Skills Tutorial

Here are two great video tutorials on how to pass (or bump) a volleyball. Passing a volleyball is a fundamental skill required to set up a good volleyball play. Learn the proper form and technique to pass a volleyball with control and accuracy. The videos were produced by Elevate Yourself.......