Let's Connect & Play!
Let's Connect & Play!


Indoor Volleyball

Volleyball Nations League – Canada – June 7 – 9

In case you missed it, here are the full videos of the Canadian Men’s volleyball games from June 7 – 9, 2019. The Canadian Men’s volleyball team played against Australia on June 7, Germany on June 8, and Serbia on June 9. The videos are provided by CBC Sports. Canada vs Australia – June 7, 2019 Canada vs Germany – June 8, 2019 Canada vs Serbia – June 9, 2019...

Indoor Volleyball

How to Bump Set a Volleyball

In situations where the ball is too low to hand set, a bump set can be effective if it is done with control and accuracy. A bump set can also be useful if you are not a setter and are not confident in hand setting without double contacting on the ball. The following two videos explains the mechanics and techniques to improve your bump setting. The videos were created by Elevate Yourself. How to Bump Set a Volleyball Advanced Bump Setting Techniques Where the videos helpful? Let us know in the comments......


Top 5 Balance Exercises for Athletes

Keeping a good balance, both physically and mentally, is important no matter what sport you play. Here, we will cover 5 balance exercises to improve your physical balance. These exercises include: Wobble Board Squats Foam Pad Toe Touch Single Leg Bounding Single Leg Staggered Jumps Single Leg Low Jumps The following video was created by Critical Bench Compound. 5 Balance Exercises for Athletes Is the video helpful? Let us know in the comments below....


20 Minute Cardio HIIT Workout at Home

Feeling out of shape or are you always winded during your sports games? Here is a 20 minute cardio high intensity interval training workout to help you improve your cardiovascular system. This routine can be done at home and with little to now equipment necessary. The video was produced by HASfit. Was the video helpful? Let us know in the comments below....


Flexibility Training for Beginners – Home Routine

No matter what sport you play, your flexibility and mobility is important for enabling you to properly execute the required body mechanics for the sport. The following video is a 15 minute flexibility workout routine that you can do at home to help improve your flexibility. Incorporate flexibility training into your sports routine to increase your range of motion, help prevent injuries, and to aid recovery. The video was created by Tom Merrick.   15 Minutes Flexibility Workout Routine At Home   Was the video helpful? Let us know in the comments......


How to Be a Good Sports Teammate

Happy New Year! The start of a new year often marks the beginning of a new season in many different sports leagues. Whether you are starting a new team, playing with new teammates, or continuing to play with old friends, this is a good time for all of us to remind ourselves what it means to be a good teammate. The video below, produced by Elevate Yourself, uses volleyball as an example, but the concepts can be applied to any sport. So go out, have fun, and be a good teammate!  ......


Softball & Baseball Dynamic Warm Up Routines

Taking the time to warm up for softball or baseball is an important part of your sports routine. The two main reasons to warm up is to prevent injuries and to improve your softball and baseball playing performance. The following videos will show you how to do a dynamic warm up for softball or baseball and how to run throwing warm ups for softball and baseball. The first video was created by XIP Training Systems, the second video was created by ChampionshipProductions, and the last video was created by Trent Mongero. Watch, Learn......