Let's Connect & Play!
Let's Connect & Play!

Greater Vancouver Adult Softball Leagues

If you are interested in joining an adult softball league, here is a list of league organizers in Greater Vancouver.

Vancouver Recreational Softball League

Vancouver Recreational Softball League

Website: http://www.vanrecsoftball.com/

“The VRSL offers a style of ball designed for fun, healthy competition and opportunities for adults to get outside!

We offer two brands of softball: 4-Pitch where each batter receives max. 4 pitches from their own pitcher and Mat-ball is more like regular softball where the pitcher is a defensive position. Strikes are called when the pitch goes through the batters’ strike zone and  hits a mat placed behind home plate.”

Vancouver Women’s Fastpitch League

Website: http://www.vwfl.ca/

“The VWFL is a competitive and fun Women’s Fastpitch Softball league where women can continue playing softball for many years to come. It is also a league where there is no pressure to commit to every practice or every game even though you just may want to. The VWFL has been around for over 15 years and it has a great history of supporting women in sport. The season starts in May and games are played at Connaught park at 10th and Vine. Connaught park is also home to the Meraloma’s clubhouse where players can relax after the game with a beer, a glass of wine or other cold drinks.”

Vancouver Co-ed Slo-Pitch League

Vancouver Coed Slo-Pitch League

Website: http://vcsleague.com/

“The VCS League is one of Metro Vancouver’s top Co-ed Adult softball leagues around.

The league is divided into two seasons – Spring/Summer and Fall. Games are played at premier adult softball classified diamonds in Burnaby and New Westminster. Each season includes an ice-breaker tournament and a playoffs both held at Riverway Sports Complex, featuring a beer garden, DJ music, and catered food.”

Kensington Slo-Pitch Softball League

Website: http://www.kensingtonslopitch.com/

“Our league was founded in the 1980’s by a group of friends looking to play organized softball at one central Vancouver location.

For more than three decades we’ve provided adult co-ed softball at the same location to thousands of Lower Mainland residents. Recreational softball with a healthy mix of competition, fun and a general love of the game.”

Vancouver Advertising Slopitch League

Website: http://www.vancouveradleague.com/

“The Vancouver Advertising Slopitch League (VASL) plays at 20 parks throughout Vancouver. The VASL includes 45 teams from around the Lower Mainland.”

Crosstown Slo-Pitch League

Website: http://www.crosstownslopitch.ca/

“The crosstown slo-pitch league is an adult co-ed league consisting of more than 50 teams in 3 divisions: weekday recreational b & c divisions and the weekend rec d division . All divisions play 18 league games and teams in the playoffs will play at least two playoff games (one could be a bye). In 2016 the top 8 teams in division b and the top 8 in c1 & c2 and the top 6 in rec d1 & d2 will advance to the playoffs.”

West End C0-Ed Slowpitch League

West End Co-Ed SlowPitch League

Website: http://www.wecsl.com/

“The West End Co-Ed Slowpitch League (WECSL) has been in existence for over 30 years. We play on Saturdays and a few weekday evenings at Brockton Oval, in Stanley Park.

The league consists of eight co-ed teams organized through a draft committee. We attempt to put together teams with players of different skills and abilities to make the season play as fair as possible. The purpose of WECSL is to play ball and have fun. We welcome ALL levels of players. You can join by yourself, with your spouse, or with a friend. Teams are different every season. New players are always welcome.

The season consists of 18 games plus playoffs, with 12 being held on Saturdays (10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm), and 6 games being played Monday and/or Wednesday evenings (6:30 pm).”

Sunday Funday Softball League

Sunday Funday Softball

Website: http://sundayfundaysoftball.com/

“The league started in 1993, with Malone’s, the Roxy, Kit’s Pub, and Cafe Di Madici as the original 4 teams. First known as the 4th Ave Bar and Restaurant League, it soon grew to 12 teams by 1996, with all games were being played at Columbia Park. We now play at Douglas Park, with over 350 players in our league on 16 teams.”

Burnaby Coed Slo-Pitch League

Website: http://www.esportsdesk.com/leagues/clear.cfm?clientid=5655

“The Burnaby Coed Slo Pitch League is a coed 6 & 4 league based out of North Burnaby, BC. We are scheduled to begin play with our annual icebreaker tournament May 3 & 4 at Riverway Park. This is just a casual 4 game tournament to get you back into the swing of things. Our regular season would then start soon after. We play a 21 game season finishing the beginning of August. Our playoffs will be August 11-17 Playoffs are a 4 game round robin followed by a double knockout for a minimum of 6 games. Grand total of games is 31+. (May be changed).”

North Van Softball League

North Van Softball League

Website: http://northvansoftball.com/

“We are a 22 team league located in beautiful North Vancouver, BC and play on various fields from April to August.  We have have two adult coed divisions, Wednesday nights and Sunday nights, and are self ump’d during the regular season and use SPN umpires for our playoffs in August.”

North Vancouver Women’s Softball League

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community-Organization/North-Vancouver-Womens-Softball-League-126151834172695/

“The North Vancouver Women’s Softball League (NVWSL) was created in 2007 by a group of women who have a passion for the warm winds of summer and recreational softball.”

Let us know in the comments if there are any other softball leagues that should be added to the list.

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